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Frequently Asked Questions will be answered here. Please make sure to read the page before asking any questions. If there's to ask something that has no answer here feel free to ask in the comment section below or contact us in the discord server.

Story Edit

Questions in the story category are listed in here.

How can I check the objectives of the missions?
Normally objectives shows up before playing the mission on the preparation screen.
Is it recommended to do the main story first?
Yes, you must finish story mode first to unlock other features in the game.
What are the types of levels in the main story?
There are two kinds of levels in the main story;
  • Dialouge map - only text mission.
  • Battle maps - normal/boss battle mission.

Both maps always repeat in a pattern for each story chapter.

Is the main story good for grinding items?
Story is good for grinding Scout Points, it also can be an alternative way to grind shells. There are two different ways to get scout points;
  1. Summarized List
    • Battle maps - gives 14 scout points in total when competed completely.
    • Dialouge maps - gives 5 scout points.
  2. Complete List
    • When cleared - gives 5 scout points.
    • Each objective cleared - gives 2 scout points.
    • All of objective cleared - gives 3 scout points as a bonus.

Finishing a chapter can result in around 70-84 scout points depending on the chapter. For grinding items, it's completely random which kind of shells you'll be getting, but there's a low chance of getting rainbow shells in all maps. The rarity of shells drops depends on the difficultty of the map you're in. Most of the time, it will give you 2☆ or 3☆ shells.

What is the difference between the clear and complete tag?
There are two types in getting clear and complete tags;
  1. Story Missions
    • Cleared - every missions in the chapter completed but all objectives are not.
    • Completed - every missions and objectives completed in the chapter.
  2. Survey Mode
    • Cleared - finished the first flag node.
    • Completed - finished all nodes and the final flag node.
These missions are too hard! What should I do?
The more you progress in the main story or survey, the harder and tougher the missions get.

Recommended things to do are given below;

  • Multiplayer - gives shells, resources, and small chance of rainbow shells.
  • Events - gives high amount of resources and equipments, shells, etc. but limited.
  • Survey Mode - gives fair amount of resources and equipments, shells, etc. but unlimited.

Upgrading actresses and equipments with anima and gold also helps.

Why does it only show one support in the support menu?
More information: Support page
On some cases, missions will start to provide support actresses for the player forcing the selection of other players supports locked. Info about supports are given below;
  • Fixed support - given support of the mission, acts like the normal support.
  • Player support - controlled by the player instead of own actress.
  • NPC support - always active, doesn't need to be called.
When clearing story maps, does it consume anything?
No, you don't lose any resources at all.

Multiplayer Edit

Questions in the multiplayer category are listed in here.

Is multiplayer mode worth doing?
Yes, good for getting a fair amount of shells and a small chance for rainbow shells.
Chances of getting high shell rarity drops in multiplayer?
It depends on the map's difficulty you are fighting on. The higher the difficulty, the better chance you will get better rewards. Info about other difficulties are given below;
  • Normal Difficulty - mostly 1-3☆ shells.
  • Hard Difficulty - higher chance of getting 3-4☆ shells.
  • Extra Hard Difficulty - best chance of getting 4☆ shells.

The faster the mission gets completed, the higher chances are given.

How do I unlock multiplayer?
Multiplayer gets unlocked after clearing the first chapter in the story mission.
How to create a room in multiplayer?
You can create a room by picking a difficulty on the available missions, then tap the blue button below the red button at the bottom of the screen. Setting up the room, then tap the blue button to create a room.
How do I join a room?
Pick a difficulty you wany to join, then simply tap on the rooms available. You can tap to join a room randomly, join using the room's ID code, or join the room that your friends are in the main Multiplayer screen. You can also refresh the page by tapping the white button at the bottom right of the screen.
How do I invite friends?
You can only invite friends on your own created room. Select the white button on the empty slot, then select the friend available on the list that you want to invite into your room.
How do I change my equipments and actress while inside the room?
Just simply tap your profile, it will redirect you to the management screen where you can change your equipments and actresses.
How can I use emotes?
You can show emotes to other players by tapping the message icon on the right side of your screen when you are on the multiplayer lobby.
Is there a way to join any available rooms automatically?
Go back to the main multiplayer screen and click the big white middle button above the two small blue buttons, it will automatically put you to one of the available rooms.
Why do I keep getting kicked out of the lobbies?
It means the lobby is closed by the host (player who created the room) or you were kicked out by the system due to being detected as AFK.

Mission Edit

Questions in the mission category are listed in here.

What is bingo?
Bingo are missions or tasks that was display like a bingo card, Five squares (each square represent a missions or tasks) both vertically and horizontally.

When a mission gets cleared, a square gets a stamp that represented that mission and 4 scout points. Getting a line of five stamps in any directions will give rewards which you have to claim manually by tapping the grey button on the Bingo screen.

Actress Edit

Questions in the actress category are listed in here.

How to get actress gears and equipments?
By getting rewards from battles and analyzing shells.
Best ways to get scout tickets?
Naturally the best way to get scout tickets is clearing missions in story mode but is limited. Events might also be helpful but is only available on a certain time.
Who should I pick for my first roll?
It's recommended to pick the highest rarity actress given to you depending on your roll outcome. But it's better if you use everyone as they will be useful later on in the game.
How to change my support actress?
You can change your support actress by going into the home screem, tap Menu. Then tap the button below the current actress image. Support actress are actress that can be used by other people in their battles.
Is there any way to level up actresses faster?
The only way to level up actresses faster is by using anima.
Where to grind anima for leveling up actresses?
The best way to grind anima is by doing survey hex maps, events, completing missions and sometimes the main story. One of the best places to grind is survey events and multiplayer.
Where can I change my actress clothes?
You can change your actress clothes by going into the home screen, tap the call icon.
How can I change my current team?
You can change your current actress team by going into the home screen, then go to the Team Management room. Equipments of your character can be also changed here.
Whose actress is the best to use?
It depends on you. Naturally, higher rarity actresses are the best ones to use. Especially if they are limited. Lower rarity actresses can also be useful at times.
What are the right equipments to use for each actress?
Each actress has its own specializations and bonus damage when used with the right equipments. Example of this is Sitara Kaneshiya; which she specializes in Sniper weapons, so her will gains bonus damage when equipped with a Sniper weapon.

Elements also play a key role here, where you have to use the weapon with the same element as actress. For example; Sitari Kaneshiya is a Gravity-based actress so she needs to be equipped with a Gravity-based equipments to gain full bonus damage. Each elements has its own unique attack and skills.

Survey Edit

Questions in the survey category are listed in here.

How to unlock survey mode?
You can unlock survey or hex mode by progressing in the main story.
How do I change maps in survey mode?
You change the map by clicking on the flag icon button on the top right of your screen.
When will I get random survey maps?
You can only get random survey maps if you have completed the tutorial hex maps.
High difficulty nodes! What gives?
In certain maps, buffed nodes (very high difficulties) are included. You have to go to the debuff node to make the buffed nodes easier.
What is this colored with text node?
There are different types of nodes;
  • Normal - blue-colored node, normal enemies and rewards.
  • Reward - chest-icon node, only rewards.
  • Danger - red-colored node, guranteed boss and rewards.
  • Rare - yellow-colored node, guranteed given rewards.
  • Debuff - down-icon node, debuff high difficulty nodes.
  • Flag - flag-icon node, can mark the map as clear or complete.

Events Edit

Questions in the events category are listed in here.

Difference of multiplayer and singeplayer events?
The event featured on single player can only be played solo and mostly in a form of hex maps. While some of them acts like a story chapter.

Multiplayer events mostly drops medals used for the medal shop that can be exchanged to time-limited gears or in-game items. Such as actresses clothes.

What should be my first prioirty when there's more than one event available?
Your first priority should be the time-limited gacha event. Most of the new actresses added from the gacha are very important and is likely that you can't get them in the future anymore. Try to use your scout tickets here first and get the featured actresses first as soon as possible before trying other normal gacha.
How does event survey works?
They work the same as standard hex mode but has higher and better rewards.

Management Edit

Questions in the management category are listed in here.

How to unlock weapon modification?
You can unlock weapon modification by progressing in the main story.
How to unlock weapon kits?
You can unlock weapon kits by completing all of the tutorial hex maps.
How can I get more battery?
You can farm battery by completing chapters in the main story, events and survey mode.
How do I level up my equipments?
You can level up equipments on the Team Management screen by tapping on the equipment. It works the same way as how you level up actresses, but it uses gold instead of anima.
How do I modify and upgrade equipments?
You can modify weapons to stronger version in the gear maintenance room, which you can unlock later on by progressing in the main story.
How do I sell equipments?
You can sell equipments and gears in the gear maintenance room.
How can I lock or unlock my equipments?
You can lock equipments by tapping the lock icon found on modification or equipment room.
How do I unlock custom sets?
You can only unlock it by progressing the main story and completing tutorial hex maps.
How do I buy more extension slots?
You can buy more extension slots by accessing the extension frame option.
What equipments I should keep?
For new players, keep as many items you need as possible. After playing for a while, it's recommended to only keep 3-4☆ equipments. 2☆ equipments and below should be sell off if you want more space for equipments.

Vice Edit

Questions in the vice category are listed in here.

What is vice?
Vice are the enemies and bosses your actresses are fighting with.
Why are certain enemies immune to bullets?
Some enemies are immune to bullets, you can only damage them by melee attacks.
Why are certain enemies so hard to kill with my equipments?
It's probably due to your equipments, make sure you got the right elements to fight with.
Any tips for bosses?
Make sure you have the right equipment and element. Example of this is using a frost element equipment on a Heat-based boss, which is weak against frost element.
Any tips for fighting enemies?
Make sure to always dodge their bullets while attacking them. Also, keep your eyes out for the stamina meter when moving or dodging. As running out of stamina will make you unable to move for a while, making you vulnerable to the enemies' projectiles.
Why can't I hit bosses when they have yellow reflect?
It means that they are changing into their next phases and it's recommended not to use SP or attack at all while they are in this form.
What's with the time limit in battles?
It's probably done this way to keep the game short enough for a quick play. Alice Gear Aegis is a mobile game, after all.

Connection Edit

Questions in the connection category are listed in here.

What is the game size?
The game gives you three options for file size;
  • Eco - smallest file size, expanding up to 600MB
  • Normal - average file size, expanding up to 1.5GB
  • Full - largest file size, expanding up to 3GB
Help! I am stuck in the connecting screen!
It's probably due to your internet connection. Just restart your internet and try again.
How do I download the game?
You can search it up by going into our registration wiki page.
How do I switch accounts?
You have to uninstall and install the app again. Make you sure you saved your data first.
Help! I got banned from the game!
Currently, we dont have any data for users getting banned. Better contact us in Discord.
Can I play the game without VPN?
Yes. The game is not region locked and can be played anywhere.
Can you play the game with the one account in two devices at the same time?
No. The account will be logged out.
Can I create more accounts?
Yes. You can uninstall and install the app and register again as many as you want.
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