Story is a part of the Alice Gear Aegis universe and is only played solo. It can be accessed by clicking the single player button found on office room in the first place and clicking the button story mode.

Story mode consists of 4 seasons and episodes each season. Unlike survey mode, story mode has missions or tasks that the player has to do to gain rewards when completed.

Although, story mode has only limited missions unlike survey mode that has infinite nodes and maps to clear. There are currently about 300+ story missions as currently for now.

Reminders for story mode that is listed below are:

  • Every mission in story mode has about 3 tasks or missions.
  • Every complete of each season awards the player at least one or more new actresses.
  • Story mode is a great way for farming scout points although it can be only obtained once.
  • Unlike survey mode, story mode only has a limited amount of missions.
  • Story given support partners can be given in story only.
  • Unlocking and advancing the story in story mode is needed to unlock the other features available in the game.
  • Story consists of battle missions and text by 50% each.

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Tips & TricksEdit

  • For new players, story is the only unlocked feature that you can play. Keep on playing until episode 4 or until you finish chapter 1 of the story. As you progress on the story, you will unlock more and more stuff. Example of this are Multiplayer, Events, and Survey Mode.
  • If you are trying to save scout points, do not attempt to finish all of the story available. Clearing story missions gives a lot of scout points that is used for gacha. The best time to clear missions is when big events in the game are currently happening.
    • When there's no events, its better to do Survey for farming scout points instead.
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