Shell Analysis is the room where players analyze their shells (received from mission, present, or from a shop) for rewards such as resources, medals, equipments, etc. Items that can be obtained are different depending on the rarity type of the shell, there are also event-exclusive shells.

Quick info that involve about accesing the Shell Analysis room is listed below are:

  • In the story, event, research mission, you can see the list of shells available before start. It is still currently impossible to check on advance at the moment.
  • In the story / event mission list, tap the information icon to the left of the analysis icon on the bottom right and tap the information icon to the right of the initial icon displayed for each mission.
  • Select research mission hex and tap the treasure box icon to the right of "Hex Survey Fee". In the investigation mission, shell does not drop even if it destroys large vice, so in hex which only appears large vice, "Is not displayed". It is not displayed in the list for obtaining with a certain probability after the investigation.
  • By tapping the button "^" under each shell in the list of available shells you can also see the list of items available from each shell. The four items which are displayed from the beginning in the item list of the gear shell or material shell, etc. Are only the first located in the default sorting order and the appearance rate is not higher than the others.

UI Translation Edit

Main Screen
  • Instant Recharge All - Brings up a screen where you can spend wheter batteries or carat to instantly recharge all timers.
  • Batteries - Shows your battery count.
  • Shell Description - Description of the shell and timer duration are placed here.
  • Storage - Shows your shell storage count.
  • Shells - Your shells.
  • Timer Reduction - Shows how many percent the recharge timer will reduce.
  • Analyze - Analyzes the selected shells.
  • Bulk Sale - Exchanges all existing shells for gold.
  • Sort - Opens the sort menu.
  • Back - Goes back to the last used screen.

Instant Charging
  • Use Carat - Recharges all timer with carat.
  • Use Batteries - Recharges all timer with battery.
  • Back - Goes back to the last used screen.

  • Sort - The screen itself.
  • Default - Sorts the shells to default.
  • Name - Sort the shells by names.
  • Rarity - Sorts the shells by rarity.
  • Ascending - Sorts the shells ascending.
  • Descending - Sorts the shells descending.
  • Cancel - Cancels the screen.
  • Accept - Accepts the new layout.

Analysis Specification Edit

There are four shell analysis machines, and after analyzing the shell, it takes time to charge before the next analysis can be perform. How long it takes depend on the rarity of the shell you used.

  • 1☆ : 5 minutes
  • 2☆ : 15 minutes
  • 3☆ : 40 minutes (60 Minutes for Gear Shells)
  • 4☆ : 3 hours (90 Minutes for 4☆ Material shells)

By analyzing multiple shells at the same time, the charging time of the analyzer can be shortened. 

  • 2 pieces : 5% reduction
  • 3 pieces : 10% reduction
  • 4 pieces : 20% reduction

Using Batteries or Carat, you can finish charging the Analyzer immediately. The analysis time corresponds to the charge time of 10 minutes per carat, 30 minutes per carat, and the number to be used can not be specified.

Like other storages, shell analysis has a storage limit (up to 20 shells at anytime) and will stop receiving new shells when it's full. However, sometimes you're able to receive shells even if the storage is full. Example of this are survey or hex map clears.

You can also do "Bulk Sale" if you have unneeded shells to throw away. Although you can only do this once and you have to wait until it's avaiable to use again. In the home screen and other rooms, the color of the four dots under the analysis icon allows you to see how many machines are available to use.

Shell Summarization Edit

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