January 30, 2019.
【Ver.1.12.0 Update】

▶ A voice replay function to celebrate "Captain's birthday" and companion UI was added.

▶ The "Perfect Clear" system was changed. Now any remain Perfect Clear will be carry over to the next day. Up to the maximum of 30 Perfect Clears.

*This effect will be applied. Starting Feburary 1, 00:00 JST.

▶ The display condition of "!" on the analysis icon at the Home screen was changed. Now it will displayed if you have a shell and there is a room for analyzing.

▶ The reaction when each actress is assigned to the home screen was refined.

▶ The application icon was updated.

▶ The splash image when start the application was changed.

▶ The layout of the Scout screen has been adjusted.

▶ (IOS version only) Now the file size will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when additional data download occurs to accordance with the change of the Apple terms.

▶ The login bonus screen's behavior was changed, now it will not close the screen if you tap any part of the screen outside of the close button.

▶ The "Standard" size was excluded from the installation size selection window at the initial installation.

▶ Various warning indications displays when the "gear system" changes in the automatic setting were adjusted.

▶ The partial status upward expression of the composition screen has been adjusted so that more than three figures can be displayed.

▶ The position of the ruled line of the UI regarding skill display was adjusted.

▶ Various 3D model data were optimized and some textures were adjusted.

Previous UpdatesEdit

December 19, 2018.
【Ver.1.11.1 Update】

▶ Added a check mark display in the actresses rate list for Scout. So you can see which actress you already got.

▶ In the exchange shop, we adjusted the behavior when the number increment / decrements button was pressed long, and improved so that many items can be selected easily.

▶ We added / adjusted filters and sort items for sorting function in gear list.

▶ "★ 3 / SOL Raptor" was added to the lineup of the gift token exchange.

▶ In part, reduced the bullet / energy resistance of Takipuri (peculiar type) and relaxed the difficulty of defeat.

▶ Fixed a bug that loading may not end when equipped with a specific terminal and a specific gear combination in multiplayer.

▶ Fixed a bug that the application may stop while loading in multiplayer battle.

▶ Fixed a bug that quickly followed enemies when using various Buster Cannon skills.

▶ Fixed a problem that the camera may not behave unintentionally when using the proximity SP skill.

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