Multiplayer is a feature in Alice Gear Aegis, where players from all over the world can fight against bosses in real time and get rewards for clearing maps. You needed to clear the story mission 13 first before you can access this feature. (Located at the second option in the Office Room)

Unlike for the standard Single Player mode, some of the Multiplayer rules that applies are:

  • Up to 4 people can participate in one game.
  • There are stages where specific enemies are targeted. In this case the map clears when you kill the target even if you do not annihilate the remaining other unkilled enemies.
  • When the player's HP becomes 0, it becomes inactive for about 10 seconds. 
  • When counting the return time finishes, it automatically returns to the front. The restoration time increases as HP becomes 0 after that.
  • Game over when all participating players loses at once. If someone alone survives, the game will continue. The number of times of death is unquestioned and the game is over when no one can fight on the spot to the last.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Each map bosses changes their elements each day and it's recommended to use the same actress and equipment element against it for attack bonuses. The higher the difficulty of the map, the higher chance to get a better rewards. To join multiplayer battles you have to create or join a room to play with other players.

Rewards come in the form of Shells that can be used in the Shell Analysis room. The difficutly ranges from Normal to Extra Hard. It is recommended that you must have high leveled actresses and equipments when playing so.

Provided tips about multiplayer that is listed below are:

  • Most of the vices in mutliplayer maps has its own attributes or known as elements. The weakness attribute of each enemy are displayed as an icon on the sortie preparation screen and it is recommended to use the actress and gear having the same attribute to deal more and higher damage.
  • If you go with a disadvantage attribute (An attribute that is different with your opponent), the damage that you give is extremely low, even if the enemy begins to charge you can not cut off the limit gauge and activate a squashing attack.
  • Since the weak point attribute may change for each area under the task of high difficulty, it is necessary to confirm the weak point attributes of all areas on the sorting preparation screen first and select their own attributes taking the attributes of other members into consideration.
  • The enemy's AI is always targeting an ally, so make sure to always focus on your surroundings.
  • If the battle is prolonged for a long time, remaining vices can release large dangerous attacks that are difficult to evade and can kill the player instantly.
  • The SP of each actresses can be sometimes used to avoid damage due to its invincible frames when using it. Example of this is, Gourai's SP.
  • If it comes to a situation that you are the only one standing and all of the others are wiped out, make sure to stay alive as possible until someone gets up again. Everyone failing at the same time will result in a game over.
  • It is recommended to do such difficulties only once you have the required level of each actresses to reduce failing in battles.

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