Movement is one of the most basic mechanic in the game. The screen will be always shown in third person view while you controlling your character.

The actress is flying but although you cant manually fly up or down without attacking.

You can also view its other page which is Combat.

  • To move, drag your finger a short distance in the direction you want to go. Release to stop. You can normally only move left, right, forwards and backwards.
  • Drag a longer distance for a speed boost. After entering the boost, you'll keep moving in that direction until you change direction or your boost gauge runs out.
  • Dodge by swiping left or right. You're invulnerable while dodging. Dash by swiping forwards or backwards.
  • Boosting, dodging and dashing consume your boost gauge. It will slowly decrease while boosting, and a dodge/dash will use up about 1/4 of the gauge. When it runs out, you'll be unable to use these moves. It refills automatically when not in use.

The speed of your actress while moving depends on the actress speed stat or equipment. You can also boost the speed of the movement with certain skills.

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