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This is the page that is meant to teach new future players about the terms used within the game and the community. This are mostly used in the Discord server and by old players.

General Terms Edit

Terms that are mostly used in-game.

General Terms List
Special Power
  • Mainly known as SP. Is it the personal skill of each actresses.
  • Can be called as actors. Is the term used to call the girls in the Alice Gear Aegis universe.
  • Can only be bought with real life money and can be spended to unlock additonal services.
  • Is the term used to call the player by the Actresses. It means captain or commander.
  • Are the enemies and bosses of Alice Gear Aegis.
  • One of the resources that are obtained from battles, used for upgrading Actresses.
  • One of the resources that are obtained from battles, used for upgrading equipments and others.
Tokyo Shard
  • Is the name of the army girls leaded by the player.
  • Commonly known as the hex maps. This is the maps that has an appearance of a hex form.
  • Are items dropped in battles. They can be exchanged for items in the Shell Analysis room.
  • Is a part of the Alice Gear Aegis universe. All actresses, equipments, weapons, skills, and most vices have their own element.
Scout Point
  • Are points that can be obtained anywhere and every time its fill meter reaches 100, it will award a scout ticket to the player.
Scout Ticket
  • Are used for getting new girls in the scouting room or mostly known as gacha.
  • Are used for instantly completing shell timers in the Shell Analysis room and can range from one to many uses depending on the rarity of the shell used.
  • Known as another actresses. This are 4☆ actresses that has different abilites and skills than their original versions.
Vice Worker
  • Called as VW in-game. Are medium-sized vices that are tough and are considered as mini bosses.
Dedicated Gear
  • Also called as personal gears. Just like what the name says, this are actresses own dedicated gears and is a red rarity color.
  • A word used to distinquish actors that are not the another version.
Replica Gear
  • Known as collaboration equipment or dedicated gears for collab actresses.

Story Terms Edit

Informations that show up while waiting for battles to begin.

Story Terms
  • An english word that is known as vice meaning evil. An outdoor machine life body, and it was known that they tried to eliminate all humans in the past but now they are treated as pests.

Phrases Terms Edit

Phrases that are used by characters or anyone in the game.

Phrases Terms
I see...
  • A line that always comes out when the game is loading. Although its still unknown whether if its the director or the captain.

Other Terms Edit

Terms that exists in the game but is not important.

Other Terms
Access Denied
  • A line that comes out in character model view when trying to go in inaccesible areas.
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