A list of the enemy vices can be found here in this link.

Vices are the main enemies in the Alice Gear Aegis universe which are the actresses are always fighting within the game. Just like actresses they too have their own elements and a weak point. There are four types of vices, these are small, medium, large, and the VW series or known as vice workers.

Some of them spawn in groups, or spawn alone depending on the map. Vices levels depends on what the player current level is to. Example, if the player is LV.45, vices will be also LV.45. Although, there are exceptions for some maps.

Most of them has only one attack pattern but others has multiple attack patterns, some also can be fast, tanky, and they can debuff the player with their skills.

Vice Description Edit

Small vices are small-sized enemies and mostly always appear in large groups. Most of them are weak and can be destroyed in a one shot attack when proper equipments and actresses are used. Although they have stronger versions, which are the special type small vices. These special types has a different form and appearance from the original one and is more stronger.

Medium Vices are medium-sized enemies and are uncommon in the game. They can only be seen sometimes on events, and hex nodes. Although just like small vices these are mostly weak but has a higher health.

Large Vices are large-sized enemies and are mostly considered as bosses. They only appear after when all small and medium vices are killed or the objectives are met. Unlike the other vices, most bosses has their own weak targets for the players to shoot. They also try to charge at certain times for powerful attacks, when this happens a warning with a timer will appear and players must stop the boss before the timer expires as this will mostly kill the player.

Vice Workers or called as VW. A series type of enemy that are medium-sized and are fast making it hard to kill, which also has high hp and defence. Unlike large vices these are not considered as bosses but can be considered as mini-boss instead. They also have their own classes, normal, hammer, sword, sniper, spread, shield. Vice Workers can be seen a lot on hex, especially multiplayer making them a bit annoying.
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