Combat is one of the most basic mechanic in the game. The screen will be always shown in third person view while you controlling your character.

There are five ways to attack the enemy, you can shoot them up using your weapons, use skills to buff yourselves or to kill multiple enemies at once, slice them with melee, eliminate them completely using your SP, or lastly call support actresses to do the job.

  • To shoot, tap the screen to fire a single shot with your Shot Gear (firearm). Firing while boosting or dashing produces different shots (i.e.: homing, burst, etc).
  • For a charged shot: tap, hold until the target gauge fills, then tap again (Dual guns don't need this second tap). Releasing your finger and letting a second pass resets the gauge. Each Shot Gear has a different charged shot.
  • Targetting is automatic by default. To switch targets, tap on the one you want to attack (if "Tap an enemy to target" in options is on) or press the switch button (below the Cross Gear button).
  • To use your Cross Gear (melee weapon), tap the button on the middle right (or left; see options below the page) of the screen. Tap repeatedly to perform a combo. Each Cross Gear has a diferent number of hits; after the final hit there's a cooldown. Dashing backwards before the final hit produces a different hit, while dodging resets the combo. This can be used to avoid the cooldown.
  • Dashing forwards then quickly tapping anywhere on the screen will let you attack with your Cross Gear as well.
  • Each Actress (player character) has its own unique SP Skill. The middle bottom button activates it. Most Actress can use this skill unlimited times, but you need to fill its gauge by attacking enemies. SP skill are long, flashy and make you invincible for the duration of the move, so they're best used on bosses.
  • Actress are equiped with Tops and Bottoms Gear (arm and leg armor), each with its own skill (i.e.: missiles, health restore, faster movement, etc). The bottom left button is your Tops Gear Skill and the bottom right is you Bottom Gear Skill.  Unlike SP skill, these have limited number of uses and can't be refilled during battle. Activating some of them makes you invincible for a second.
  • The battle map has a border preventing you from leaving. Enemies and bosses don't have this restriction however, meaning they can sometimes go out of your weapon's range. You can only cross the border when the enemy is outside and you attack it with your Cross Gear; after which you get pushed back inside, so keep that in mind.

Types of Battles Edit

Other Information Edit

While on combat, when you damage or kill an enemy, you gain damage bonuses which can be seen on top of the screen. This can go up from 0% to 9.99%.

Getting hitted by an enemy bullet will decrease your damage bonus and makes your actress damage lower. Using skills in destroying enemies also raises up the bonus.

It's mostly impossible for players to keep their damage bonus on max when fighting bosses as they tend to hit your character a lot with their bullets which are hard to dodge completely.

Techniques Edit

These are player given guides or information that might help you out in while in combat.

  • Avoid bullets as possible; You can dodge by swiping whenever direction you want. The actress becomes invulnerable to bullets when dodging.
  • Save your boost gauge; Always using your boost gauge is a bad idea since it might lead not being able to move in bad situations especially when in boss battles.
  • Invincible while using SP skill; While you are using your SP skill, your actress becomes invunerable to all attacks. Use this method especially when on boss battles.
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