A list of another actress can be found here in this link.

A list of another maximum actresses stats can be found here in this link.

Another Actress are actresses that has different features than their original versions. They have another used character avatar and they are mostly seen wearing their ace suits costume.

There are currently about 8 actresses with the another version available in the game.

However unlike the original versions, another actresses has their passive skills changed. Currently they can only be obtained on gacha. Other features are listed below.

  • SP can be changed with original version's SP.
  • Has the same dedicated gear as the original.
  • Like the original version, costume is still included.
  • They have different motion movement than the original version while inside the dressing room.

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Actress are the girls in the Alice Gear Aegis universe. These are also the girls that the commander or you control. There are currently 41 and more actress available throughout in the game. They also have their own different versions, one known as Another Actress.

Each actresses has their own rarity types and different appearances on each rarity. Also, just like vices and equipments they also too have their own elements and classes.

Actresses also can be equipped with costumes, accesories and many more. They can be leveled up to become stronger throughout in the game also with their correct equipments getting upgraded. Though, the only way to get actresses is by clearing story missions, events, or scout gacha.

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