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Actress are the girls in the Alice Gear Aegis universe. These are also the girls that the commander or you control. There are currently 41 and more actress available throughout in the game. They also have their own different versions, one known as Another Actress.

Each actresses has their own rarity types and different appearances on each rarity. Also, just like vices and equipments they also too have their own elements and classes.

In the game, actresses can also belong in companies for example the Narukozaka Manafacturing which composes of Sitara, Yotsuyu, Fumika and many more others.

Actresses also can be equipped with costumes, accesories and many more. They can be leveled up to become stronger throughout in the game also with their correct equipments getting upgraded. Though, the only way to get actresses is by clearing story missions, events, or scout gacha.

Companies Edit

These are small groups where actresses are affiliated with. As said earlier, actresses belong in different companies and some of them are also connected with each other. The most known common companies are Narukozaka Manafacturing and Murakumo Industry.

Actress Companies List
Mountain Witch
  • A company from Japan known for Meika's custom armaments.
  • A company from Japan that focuses their design on styles and is very known by young children and the public.
Narukozaka Manafacturing
  • A company from Japan entrusted for repelling enemy vices. The first company where the newly appointed captain depecting "you" and starts to work here who belong to the organizations of actresses.
  • Before the disapperance of the formal director of the company, it said that he has a different kind of behaviour in the past and despite his disappearance. It is said that him making any actions on the company are quite rare.
  • Now, since "you" the captain was appointed here, the captain is expected to act how the director works and has full rights.
  • A company from Japan known for Yotsuyu's custom armaments. Also, seems to give a very secretive vibe.
Aegis Defence Agency
  • A global company known for Misaki's custom armaments.
Sentence Industries
  • A royal chartered company that resides in United Kingdom.
OKB Mayakovsky
  • It's long name is Mayakovsky Experimental Design Bureau. A russian company known for Nina's custom armaments and also makes other stuff.
Bergland AG
Murakumo Industry
  • A company from Japan and has the same business as Narukozaka Manafacturing. A rival company that is affiliated with a major group called as the Yashima group. It is also in charge in the majority of Tokyo Shard and is the biggest actress industry.
Early Firearms LTD
  • Another arm manafacturer major company from United States.
Yashima Heavy Industries
  • A long established company from Japan that can be found on Owari Shard and also helps Murakumo Industry. It is also possibly the largest arms manafacturer in the world.
Hualing Weapon Technologies
Factory Advance
  • A company from Japan that manafactures armaments for Frame Arm Girls characters.
Promenade Aviation
  • No valuable information yet.

Related Pages Edit

Another Actress

Main Article: Another Actress

Another Actress are actresses that has different features than their original versions. They have another used character avatar and they are mostly seen wearing their ace suits costume.

There are currently about 8 actresses with the another version available in the game.

However unlike the original versions, another actresses has their passive skills changed. Currently they can only be obtained on gacha. Other features are listed below.

  • SP can be changed with original version's SP.
  • Has the same dedicated gear as the original.
  • Like the original version, costume is still included.
  • They have different motion movement than the original version while inside the dressing room.

Gacha Scouting

Main Article: Gacha Scouting

Gacha Scouting (refered as "Scout" in-game) is the room where you will roll to get new actresses and hoping for a 4☆ actress to come out. It's recommended to only do a 10x roll as it has a higher chance of getting high rarity actresses. (You also get one extra actress on top of it)

Each gacha rooms has its own 4☆ rate, so make sure to think first where you will spend your Scout Tickets or Carat. You can only obtain Scout Tickets by getting enough Scout Points. (100 Scout Point will automatically turned into one Scout Ticket. Which means you need about 1,000 Scout Points to be able to do the 10x roll in a gacha roll.) While for Carat, you can only buy them using real money.

The best way to grind Scout Points is by doing events, main story, bingo and missions. Make sure to prepare yourself when doing gacha as it's very salty to begin with, and if you fail, just keep trying!

Dressing Room

Main Article: Dressing Room

Dressing Room is the room where you can dress your actresses with the available costumes you have obtained in the game. To access the dressing room, you have to select the character first in the office room and click the green call button below the menu.

Costumes are mostly obtained from the costume gacha, events, and the shop. Each actresses has their own rarity costumes and can be used on their own different rartiy types. New costumes are always released every month, or events but some actresses doesn't recieve any. An example are the collab actresses like Gourai, Stylet, and etc.

In the room you can move your camera to view your character even more from the back or in the front. There is also a shortcut in the menu where you can go view the character episodes of the selected actress. You can also give gifts to your actress to unlock episodes that can be viewed on character episodes.

Character Episodes

Main Article: Character Episodes

Character Episodes is the room where you can view and progress the story of an actress. To access the character episodes room, you have to select the character first in the office room and click the book looking image above the menu.

There are two ways to unlock episodes of the character by playing battles and raising the popularity of the character (yellow microphone image) can be seen after finishing the battles or by gifting your actress with gifts and raises the affection point to unlock more episodes. Gifts can be obtained from character gacha and costume gacha.

After completing character episodes it will always give about 5 scout points when finished.

Two kind of episodes are available where the first one is unlocked by how much is the affection count and the second one on how high is their popularity amount.

Team Management

Main Article: Team Management

The Team Management Room can be accesed in the home room and is on the third button beside mutliplayer and shell analysis. This is the room where you can manage your current team or replace them with other girls. You can also upgrade weapons in here and change gears for your actresses.

You can also view your actresses in the 3D Model room. Your girl stats are also listed in here. Although unlike gear maintenance you cant dispatch or fire actresses. For full modifications of your gears and equipments go to gear maintenance instead for complete options. You can make up to five teams only.

The first girl added in the team is the leader and is mostly the girl that always appears first in battles. You can just change the character you want by just simply clicking the actress.

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